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Breschi & Associates, LLC

Because Preformance Matters

David R. Breschi is the founder and President of Breschi & Associates LLC. Mr. Breschi has been practicing law as an attorney for over 17 years and he as been establishing and managing a successful real estate title insurance business in central Pennsylvania since 2003. through both his legal and business experiences Mr. Breschi understands what persons want when it comes to legal services - first rate legal expertise, flat legal fees that are reasonable and clearly communicated, and prompt legal services.

Your premier law firm provider for central Pennsylvania and the northern Maryland region

The best legal services, because we limit the scope of our legal work, we can provide efficient and fast turn - around times for all legal document work and filings that we agree to preform for our clients. Or clients meet with their attorney in one appointment and at the conclusion of the appointment, our clients typically schedule an appointment for the next week to review and receive their legal work. Typically document work performed by Breschi & Associates is completed in seven (7) days or less.

our mission

Our mission is simple - we combine excellent legal expertise, with excellent legal service, and excellent prices.

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