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Madison Settlements Services of Pittsburgh is your local provider of real estate title and settlement services. The staff is working daily, not only to uphold the excellence of our reputation, but also to ensure the confidence of our customer service, which is why we work tirelessly behind the scenes to stay ahead of the curve. We believe we should be an asset to our clients, taking every opportunity to assure that our customers choose to continue to rely on us for all their real estate closing and title insurance needs in the future. ​

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Jim Wiesner, Co-Owner

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Jim has worked in the title industry for many years and is a licensed title agent. He first started performing title searches in the Allegheny County Department of Real Estate Offices and was then offered a position with a large vendor management company where he processed all title insurance orders. Eventually Jim was promoted to Vice President of Operations.

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After being offered a position as Senior Vice President with another large vendor management company, he was in charge of operations for several offices around the U.S., he became a licensed title agent in 30 plus states and has kept those licenses current.

In 2005, Jim decided to open his own company and after 15 years, he sold the business. Around that time he received an offer from Madison Settlement Services where he could serve his local clients. Jim happily accepted and has been with Madison ever since! He still resides in Pittsburgh and is married with two children. Unfortunately, his wife passed away at the early age of 42 and Jim has raised his children on his own since.

Jim’s philosophy is that in order to be successful in this business, you have to serve your clients to the absolute best of your ability, and that’s exactly what he does. Instead of letting client phone calls go to voicemail, Jim picks up and gets problems or requests done as soon as possible.

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