Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents Made Simple

facebook ads for real estate agents

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents Made Simple – a Madison Settlements, WFG & WEST Webinar

Are you a real estate agent looking to expand your business and marketing via Facebook (and even Instagram)? Madison Settlements, WFG, & WEST have teamed up for a free webinar discussing Facebook Ads for real estate agents. Don’t let this marketing and social platform intimidate you. Thanks to Sam and Tom, they prove just how easy and effective Facebook ads for realtors can be.

What to Expect

Not only do you get free entertainment thanks to this fun team of real estate industry individuals, you also find out just how exactly Facebook ads can bring you positive results on a budget for you and your real estate business. Let’s face it – there is so much information and ads and data already out there. However, this webinar teaches you how you can easily market your company by the use of ads. Whether you choose to do a video ad, a graphic ad, or multiple images in an ad, Facebook ads let you easily communicate to your local customers and potential clients.

This platform also offers insights, which are very helpful when determining the success of ad campaigns.

Are you interested in learning more? Check out the full webinar below! And if you enjoy free and informative webinars, keep an eye on our LinkedIn as well as Instagram for future webinar announcements. We’d love to see you there!