How to Impress Real Estate Clients

how to impress real estate clients

Top Tips on How to Impress Clients in Real Estate & How to Keep Them Coming Back!

In a world where it seems everyone has a screen in front of them or is constantly running from place to place, you can stand out from the crowd (in this case, from other agents) by following a few of our best tips on how to impress real estate clients.

Providing a positive and memorable experience with your clients will help you, in the long run, more than you think. Not only does great customer service leave an impact on your current clients, but it can potentially lead to new ones as well. It’s a win-win for everyone. Without further ado, here are our top tips on how to impress real estate clients.

Connect Them with Reliable and Trustworthy Local Businesses

Here is your fact of the day: people want and enjoy doing business with individuals they respect and know. And since you, the realtor, know the community as well as the people who reside in it, what better way to recommend and connect your clients with reliable and trustworthy local businesses for different services, right? Provide your clients with your ‘Rolodex of your top professional contacts!’

Assist Your Clients with Networking

This tip applies to clients who are new to the community and would like to start getting themselves personally established with their community. You could introduce clients to people you know in the area. Or you could tell your clients about social groups, clubs, gyms, etc. to join that will help them network with others around them. Another great tip is that you can show them around town if they are new to the area a.k.a. be their chauffeur for the day!

Send Them Some Grub!

Free stuff is great, especially when someone has just moved into a new home and hasn’t even had a chance to buy groceries. Or the last thing they want to do on moving day is cook dinner. Instead, order and get food delivered to their new home! You can always ask them what kind of food they enjoy without having to ruin the surprise. This is probably one of our most favorite tips on how to impress real estate clients.

Welcome, Welcome!

Maybe instead of ordering food and having a surprise delivery, we suggest leaving a welcome basket with foods/drinks they might like as well as a gift card to local restaurants. You could also include coupons, brochures, pamphlets, and more in the welcome gift basket. That way they have a better idea of services and places near them.

You could also gift them with a basket filled with all the essentials (think toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, cutlery, etc.) to make their lives much easier come moving time. Adding a personal touch is truly the best way on how to impress real estate clients.

Hire a Crew

If you are feeling super generous, you could send a local cleaning company and/or professional organizing company to your clients’ new home to help them out. Again, probably the last thing a homebuyer wants to do is clean the entire home after moving or even organizing all their boxes. Consider sending them someone local to assist them with that!

Keep the Momentum Going

Even after the transaction has been finalized and your client has gotten settled into their new home, we suggest marking significant dates in your calendar that are related to your client(s). Maybe something like a birthday card or even a ‘Happy Anniversary on your home!’ card can go a long way and be a meaningful and simple act.

These how to impress real estate clients tips will leave a positive and lasting impression on your clients. Whether you send a card/food, surprise them with a gift basket of goodies, or hire a cleaning company, any type of gesture could potentially lead to future business with your current clients as well as bring in new ones. And you just can’t argue with that logic.