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Residential Refinance

the basics

The residential refinance transaction is often assumed to be an easier transaction that the purchase of real estate. The reality is that while not as many parties are involved in the process, it is equally important for the title provider to have experience performing the services required to ensure that best practices and optimal services are delivered to both the lender and the customer.

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The details

Decades of experience

At Madison, we understand that everything we do must enhance the experience of the consumer and the lender alike. With decades of experience servicing the residential refinance market, we are ready to meet with you to assist you in achieving both your revenue goals and repeat business.

A thorough process

Title agents who are not focused on the customer’s experience will not be as likely to understand the originator’s needs and may be less interested in performing the additional services required to earn that referral for their clients long term. Our team focuses on being thorough, and ensuring that all needs are met throughout our process.