We Need Remote Notarization Now!

We Need Remote Notarization Now!

Why We Need Remote Notarization

In response to current events and our need to protect our valued clients and staff, Madison Settlements is urging everyone to support legislation that will modernize Notary Laws and allow us to use secure methods for the electronic notarization of documents (a.k.a. remote notarization). Notaries need reliable technology to assist them in serving their client’s needs, in this difficult time and beyond.

Notaries would be given additional tools to perform their duties with the additional OPTION to perform notarial acts by audio-video communication: “remote/online” notarization. This would be done by authenticating documents and identifying individual parties through communication technology and identity proofing to certify copies of electronic records are true copies.” –Pennsylvania Land Title Association

Virginia, Texas, Nevada, New York (recent Executive Order), and Indiana have enacted Online Notarization and bills are in the works for CA, TN, OH, LA, KY, FL, MN, MO, SD, NE, and OK.

We are asking you to please contact your State and Federal representatives and tell them to support this legislation. Easily send a message here: https://www.votervoice.net/WannerAssoc/campaigns/72351/respond