What is Title Insurance on a House?

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What is Title Insurance on a House?what is title insurance on a house

Real Estate transactions can come with a roller coaster of concerns. There are ways to protect yourself as the homebuyer as well as your mortgage lender, from some of the problems that can arise.

When you’re making the exciting decision to buy a house, title insurance offers some peace of mind. In the instances of defective titles, liens and encumbrances, this unique insurance policy protects the buyer’s rights and insures free and clear ownership.

What Does Title Insurance Protect You From?

In rare cases, spouses or unknown heirs may try to claim ownership of a property you’re trying to purchase. Title insurance keeps you from incurring overwhelming legal fees and other expenses trying to complete the transaction.

Title insurance can protect you and your lender during and even after the home is purchased. Depending on the type of policy you purchase, the insurance company can be responsible for covering legal and other fees when there is a dispute over the title. It also covers you if there are back taxes on the property.

Protect Yourself and Your Largest Investment Today

If you still have questions about title insurance on a house and whether you need it for your home purchase, reach out to our experienced professionals here at Madison Settlement Services. We’re always happy to help!