The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

best apps for real estate agents

The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents – 2021

Essentially, there really is an app for just about everything under the sun. With the help of Sam & Tom, here are our top picks for the best apps for real estate agents for 2021!

Courtesy of our free webinar, we are discussing phone apps that not only save you time, but they also help you with money, graphic design, video content/editing, and more. The real estate world can be hectic, so do yourself a favor and download some (or all) of our best apps for real estate agents. Trust us, you will not regret doing so.

Without further ado, here are some of the apps we highlighted in this webinar. If you want to know about all of the apps discussed, check out the video below!

App #1 – Felt

Sometimes a handwritten note can go a long way. It’s even one of our favorite ways to impress real estate clients! The Felt app allows you to quickly create handwritten cards and send them out to your clients. Pricing for this varies, but think of the time you’ll save and the impression you’ll make by sending a handwritten note via this app!

App #2 – Canva

Maybe you’ve seen commercials or ads for this app, but trust us when we say that Canva is a wonderful tool that will really help spark your creativity. Not all of us are graphic designers or videographers. But Canva makes life super easy thanks to the thousands of templates you can choose from! You can download the app or even use this platform on your desktop/laptop.

App #3 – MileIQ

As a real estate agent, you are most likely aware that you should be tracking your mileage for tax purposes. By doing so, this will help you with money when it comes to the end of the year and when reporting your mileage! Check out the MileIQ app for this. It even records your trip so you know the exact mileage and don’t have to guess or remember to look at your odometer.

App #4 – Google Earth

Do you have a house listing coming up and want to include a really cool aerial shot of the house without having to drop a ton of money on a drone? Check out the features that the Google Earth app has! You can even screen record flying over the property for sale and include it in a website listing or a social media posting.

App #5 – Quik

Speaking of videos, save yourself time and headaches by checking out the Quik app. Quickly edit your videos and/or photos and get those posted up for the Internet to see by using this time-saving and awesome phone app.

Find Out More

We still have plenty of apps listed in the video below that were not listed in the post above. Check out all of the best apps for real estate agents that we highlighted in this video.